Book project: Read to Give (R2G)

Post date: 18/02/2021

Project "R2G" was born with the mission of creating a reading culture in enterprises. Profits from the activity shall be used to build 10,000 bookcases for teachers and students in upland schools.




Read to Give (R2G) is a project of BPG Kindness Foundation of BPG, with an objective of raising funds to run charity projects for the community and society, targeting children in remote areas, country's borders and islands.

Read to Give is developed from a book business model combined with charitable fundraising. The project's products include print books accompanied by customer care service to build a reading culture in the business, maintain the reading habit and encourage the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences from reading activities among colleagues in workplace environment.

We undertake to use 20% of the project's annual profits to implement charity and social projects of the BPG Kindness Foundation, especially for children in remote areas that are not accessible to books, culture, knowledge.

Join us in spreading kindness to contribute to bringing knowledge to distant lands and building a reading culture in businesses.