Post date: 19/02/2021

“Bring efficiency to business through management accounting advisory, management accounting training and internal control in accordance with specific corporating requirements, legal compliance, local and international standards. "


BPG Introduction

BPG│Accounting│Tax Advisory│Coaching | Investment & Fund Raising Advisory

BPG Limited Liability Company ("BPG") is a company specializing in providing management consulting and corporate restructuring, tax accounting services, professional management and training for businesses in Vietnam.

BPG was founded by professional consultants who have worked for many leading auditing firms in Vietnam for many years such as: KPMG, EY, T&T Group, FLC Group and other foreign investing companies in Vietnam. Our team has provided many accounting and tax consulting services for multinational corporations.

BPG was born with deep aspiration and desire: "The company that operates effectively through a transparent management system". Throughout the operation, we apply a system of special approaches, professional expertise requirements combined with experts' experience and industry-specific understanding of the clients to ensure that our services conform to the specific management requirements of the business, comply with local tax laws and meet international standards.

Our members are constantly trained as professional and the latest technology applications to bring the highest efficiency to clients. We have provided high-quality management and tax advisory services to foreign companies and large companies in Vietnam. BPG also applies professional technical and risk management systems to ensure that our services meet the international standards. Our unique feature is providing accounting services which complying with Vietnamese laws and achieve management requirements of the company

Fields of expertise

In order to support clients in each economic industries at our best, employees at BPG are divided into specializing fields including:

- Agriculture

- Aviation

- Service

- Agricultural production

- Spa Services - Computer & Software Services

- Retail

- Construction & Furniture

- Education

- Heavy industry

Our service

We have abundant professional human resources from specialized fields, combined with extensive experience in the Vietnamese market. The services that BPG provides ensure the best ability to serve clients in the scale varies by service groups:

- Internal management system & management accounting set-up advisory

- Tax Advisory

- Business management Advisory

- Fund raising

- Cash flows forecast and effectiveness of investments advisory

- Professional training services for accounting and tax laws in Vietnam

- Building and training internal control system

- Financial regime set-up, implementation and training

- Internal control set-up, implementation and training