Post date: 19/02/2021

Our R2G project of BPG Kindness Foundation focus on developing daily reading culture in working space and bringing many value from books to whom want to change and develop their own professional skills. 20% of the profits are committed to use to build school bookshelves and organize volunteer programs under the Kindness Foundation for children in poor areas. The profits from the projects will be used to achieve the goal "10,000 highland children can go to school and strive to cover green trees over the barren hills across Vietnam".


Our story

R2G is a non-profit project aimed at increasing the reading culture in the enterprise while bringing bookcases to remote areas with limited opportunities, not having many learning opportunities and accumulating knowledge from books.

As a social project that brings kindness and knowledge to anywhere, we want to develop people and create better values ​​for the community.


Our mission

Managing time and working pressure to build positive habits is a pretty big obstacle to overcome. Recognizing the needs and challenges many businesses are facing, R2G - Read to Give project was born with the belief and determination to turn reading into daily habit, cultural lifestyle and human resource training platform in working place. In particular, 20% of the profits from R2G activities will go directly to our charity fund, organize programs for children in difficult areas, borders, islands and many other projects.


Our commitment

When participating in our project through paying the purchase fee and experiencing a culture of reading, businesses will receive:

-  A library and accessories to support reading depending on needs.

-  Reading culture maintained steadily

-  Social Responsibility Certification (CSR), enroll in the annual report of the R2G project and charity fund.