BPG Kindness Foundation Introduction

Post date: 18/02/2021

At BPG, we believe that responsible business can bring positive impact to the society. We want to contribute and deliver kindness to clients and community.

Therefore, we would like to implement a social responsibility program that is sustainable over time, having a positive impact on our company staff as well as the community. Our social responsibility invests time, effort, kindness and mindfulness



Social Responsibility

The essence of Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") is the real commitment to corporate social responsibility. This will increase credibility and organic link between business and community.

We understand that all of us, the business leaders, are not solely obliged to execute by complying and incorporating social, environmental and economic standards into our business operations but also become model for reforming by promoting transparency and developing ethical busines.


Our commitment

With our mission "Deliver Kindness", we commit to contributing annual profits from our main business activities to BPG Kindness Foundation for our social projects.

Our goals on developing social project are "Helping 10,000 upland children go to school" and "Cultivating 5,000 hectares of bareen land in Vietnam"